Coffee in a teabag—Estonian military style!

I recently received a package from one of my friends, who is an active reserve officer in the Finnish Defence Forces. He had taken part in an exercise as a training opponent for the Estonian colleagues. He had also brought home some of the coffee they had served there.

Instant coffee from the Estonian Defence League? Coffee in a teabag?

Wow. That’s a first.

The Best Coffee ”teabags” were packaged individually in compact pouches. The kit also included some sugar and cream powder. According to the instructions on the pouch, the big coffee bag was supposed to be used like any teabag. You know, put the bag in the cup, add boiling water, move the bag a little, and voilà!

I have to say I was a bit hesitant at first. What could this taste like?

It was good! It looked like coffee. It smelled like coffee. It even tasted exactly like coffee. It was even better than some regular instant coffees. The flavor was pretty mild, but surprisingly solid at the same time. I didn’t try the sugar, but the cream powder worked really well. I found myself thinking that in camp conditions, I’d be happy to have this after a good Finnish military meal.

This was a fun experiment. Thank you so much!