Finca las Ventanas—Colombian coffee for any occasion

For a couple of months now I have wanted to try this coffee.

Finca las Ventanas is a coffee farm run by a Finnish family in the village of Confines, Santander, Colombia. They specialize in Castillo and Colombia varietals. The coffee is hand picked, washed, and sun dried. The result is this single estate coffee which is named after the farm.

On the label, the company gives us the following information (my literal translation):

Taste: Nutty chocolate, red berries
Structure [body/mouthfeel?]: Creamy, full bodied, balanced, soft
Roast: A roast slightly darker than medium that brings out the chocolatey and nutty flavors, while retaining the fresh fruitiness.

Now that is exactly what Finca las Ventanas was all about. It was precisely what you would expect good Colombian coffee to be.

I tried it in both the AeroPress and the Bialetti moka pot.

The midrange flavors of nutty chocolate and cocoa were in the starring role. Their natural sweetness was balanced out by the soft acidity that made me think of red berries. There might have been a small hint of fresh fruits as well. These acidic flavors were more pronounced in the moka version. Either way, the mouthfeel was medium creamy, and the overall experience was well balanced.

In my opinion, Finca las Ventanas was both nuanced and middle-of-the-road enough to be enjoyed on any occasion. To me, it was a nice complement to the protein pancake I like to have for breakfast.

In Finland, Finca las Ventanas is easily available. I got mine from Muki, the great little gourmet coffee shop in Töölö, Helsinki. It is also available in several supermarkets in the Helsinki area, and on the Finca las Ventanas website. If you like Colombian coffee, check it out!