Frukt Coffee Roasters Espresso El Naranjo—berries and spices from Guatemala


This was the first time I got to try a Frukt Coffee Roasters product. Frukt are a company based in Turku, Finland, where I was born. Also—just a fun fact for me—, they are located right next to the Arts Academy where I used to study, and where I also met my Wife many years ago. I will have to pay them a visit!

Anyway, Espresso El Naranjo belongs to the Fun line of Frukt coffees. On the company website, the coffee is introduced thus:

This fun coffee comes from Julio Cano, a second -generation coffee producer based in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. This coffee is Caturra variety grown at Julios farm El Naranjo at 1750 meters above sea level.

After the picking is done the coffee cherries are manually de-pulped and then fermented in special buckets for 48 – 50 hours. After the fermentation the coffee is fully washed and sun dried on patio for 12 days.

On the label, Frukt offer the following tasting notes: ”Prune, hazelnut, creamy”.

To my eye, the beans were ”organic” in appearance. That is to say, they were beautifully nonuniform in shape. The roast level appeared to be medium, approximately 3/5.

The ground coffee smelled fantastic. It had this sharp and sweet aroma of bitter almods and chocolate, maybe even some berries. Just the way I like it!

Since Espresso El Naranjo is (obviously) an espresso blend, I decided to brew it in my Bialetti Moka pot.

I was apparent from the first sip: The mouthfeel was definitely creamy.

Flavor-wise, Espresso El Naranjo was not quite as almondy as I expected. Yes, there was a certain nuttiness to it, but more than that, it was acidic, almost berry-like. At the same time, there was a spiciness that was reminiscent of cinnamon and pine needles. By the time I got to the finish, the nutty flavors came to the forefront as well. The long and sweet finish made me think of hazelnuts and burley pipe tobacco.

All in all, I really liked Espresso El Naranjo. I think it’s a very good espresso that offers you some of the best aspects of Guatemalan coffee, plus some very pleasant spiciness. You can get it straight from Frukt Coffee Roasters, or from Coffea, the great coffee shop in Jyväskylä. I will certainly try to get some more!