Home roasted Tanzanian coffee!

The other day, I got a message from one of my Finnish friends, Eero Halme. He had received some green coffee beans from Tanzania and was roasting them at home. He asked me if I’d like to get a sample. Oh yes, please!

A couple of days later, the mailman brought me a package that said: Bongo Kahawa, 100% Arabica, harvested: April 2019 in Kagera, Tanzania. The beans were small and beautiful. Eero had been kind enough to roast my sample (”Harri Huovinen edition”!) on the lighter side, at about 1–2 on the scale of 5.

As I ground the beans, I got some very nice odors of aromatic wood, some spiciness reminiscent of light cigar leaf, maybe a hint of red berries, and—believe it or not—beef jerky (!).

From the get-go, it was apparent that this was going to be a very savory coffee. Indeed, the overall flavour was on the dry side. Perhaps fortunately, the beef jerky took the back seat, while the aromatic woodiness and the cigar leaf were the main players. There was also a woody, dryish flavor which made me think of pencil shavings. The berries were nowhere to be found, but I did detect a tiny hint of vanilla in the background. I found it quite pleasant!

Thank you so much, Eero! It was truly a great experience. Good luck with your roasting!